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Judith Little

Biology gives you a brain. Life turns it into a mind.” — Jeffrey Eugenides  | Biology quote, Science quotes, Biology

Mrs. Little’s Biology Class


This course explores the disciplinary core ideas (content) in seven  integrated topics: (1)  Biodiversity & Population Dynamics, (2) Structure & Function, (3) Cycling of Matter & Energy, (4) Genetic Variations in Organisms, (5) Evolution by Natural Selection, (6)Life & Earth’s Systems, and (7)Human Impacts on Earth’s Systems. This course will utilize guiding questions, project based learning (PBL),  tests, quizzes, and lab notebooks to frame topics and to guide students through the learning experience. To ensure success  in this course, each student is advised to keep up with course readings, complete all assignments, attend class, and pass  exams and quizzes.

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