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Free Meal Waiver Expiration June 30th 2022

Lamar Child Nutrition



Clarification Post 2/8/22

Students may select an additional meal and/or additional milk during breakfast and/or lunch. Even though all students receive free lunches this year, due to the federal waiver, the additional meal/milk is not part of the free meal waiver and is charged to the student’s account.

If you prefer that your child not charge second lunches or additional milk, you can send a letter or email us requesting a hold be placed on the account. We will update the students account to flag that your child is not allowed to charge additional items.

Your child will continue to receive the same breakfast and lunch as is provided for all students, regardless of the account status. The information above is only directed at the additional charges above and beyond the regular meals provided all students.

We apologize for any inconvenience on this matter and if you have any questions regarding your students account, please email your concern along with your students name, and we will get back with you as soon as possible.


Teresa Qualls

Lamar Child Nutrition Director


Additional Clarification 2/15/22

With the multiple number of lunch sessions that we have in each building, we have stopped the “getting seconds” process. We do not offer additional lunches to students like might have been done in the past when students might have gone back for seconds. If a student chooses to go back through the line for an additional meal, they are charged for the additional meal. We take lunch counts daily to help us determine the quantity of food to prepare, so that we have as little waste as is possible. When possible we freeze leftover items to be used at another time. We follow the guidelines set by USDA, as well as, Arkansas Child Nutrition Unit. Milk expiration is monitored daily by the cafeteria staff in each building and is monitored twice a week by the milk company/vendor. Students have access to cups for water and are also provided the option of apple juice or orange juice at breakfast.

We sent letters home with all negative account balances at the end of last month. The following is a partial copy of the letter.

“We apologize for not providing an update before now on your student’s lunch room balance. We understand that it may be difficult to zero the balance all at once so please just send what you can, when you can, to zero the balance. We will be sending monthly reports of the progress of your student’s account.”

This was an oversight on our part and we apologize for the inconvenience that it might have caused. Our goal is to provide updated negative account balance letters at the end of each month.


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