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Pre-Calculus will emphasize a study of trigonometric functions and identities as well as applications of right triangle trigonometry and circular functions. Students will use symbolic reasoning and analytical methods to represent mathematical situations, express generalizations, and study mathematical concepts and the relationships among them. Students will use functions and equations as tools for expressing generalizations.

This class is your typical math class. We will cover new material, have homework, quizzes, and tests over this material, and have valuable conversations in the classroom.

The book we use, Pearson Precalculus (Demana, Waits, Foley, Kennedy, Bock), is pictured below. Each student will get a copy of the book to keep in the classroom.. 

Image result for pearson precalculus textbook

The following documents will be added as we get to each quarter:

Q1 Syllabus / Q2 Syllabus / Q3 Syllabus / Q4 Syllabus


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